We're not ready to order yet.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat green vegetables every day.


It's not that hard.


I saw grandfather last week.


You look angry.

He concentrated on his studies.

I heard that Terri won't be at your party tonight.

Wilmer isn't your name, is it?

They said they never saw her.


When it comes to disco dance, I can't hold a candle to Susan.

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It won't change a thing.

I thought Sanche would be interested in this.

Your answer is not to the point.

Betty looks sympathetic.

Trust your gut.

It is already nine o'clock.

That is a museum piece!


The two countries were moving closer to war.


Roberto was suddenly put on the spot.


Many people were upset when they saw Slartibartfast burning the flag.


They don't even know why.

On a fundamental level, the 12 forms of the Chinese zodiac are related to animal worship.

They're killing the planet.

Grab that.

He who sleeps does not sin.


The child bothered him with questions.

I'm beginning to regret making that suggestion.

My clothes have an oily smell because I ate at an okonomiyaki place.


The commander said they would stay.

He stepped up to the plate and looked the pitcher straight in the eye.

How are your kidneys?

It's an established fact.

Just a moment - there's someone at the door.

Semiconductors were the top United States export to South Korea.

Having good oral hygiene is important.

I need a drink first.

It just happened so fast.

The flood ruined the crops.

The compromise which permits a smoker to smoke in the smoking corner was born after heated discussion.

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It didn't take long.

Have you told Tuna about what you saw?

It'd be a shame to let all of this food go to waste.

He's left-handed.

Kathy would've never done such a thing.


Are you planning on taking Rebecca with you?

I used to type my letters, but now I use a word processor.

What a sick joke!

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He'll be done soon.

It was named after Frankfurt, a German city.

I have two questions for you.


The beginning is half the whole.

The danger was imminent.

He said it was nine o'clock.

How many hotels are there in Paris?

Jurevis tried to convince Kristen to knit him a scarf.

Who was to win this match was a foregone conclusion.

I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.


Don't let him lick you.

I have to go home and get a good night's sleep.

She may well take pride in her talent.


We need an attorney with experience in unconventional means.


Obviously, you were misinformed.


He pulled the wool over their eyes.

I don't have much interest in sports games like soccer or baseball, but I do like seeing weird or outstanding plays in them.

I was quite hungry.


Norbert likes eating out.

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She crawled out of the window.

They live in a little village in England.

Rathnakumar called while you were out.

My teacher told me that I should have spent more time preparing my presentation.

I expect I'll have to do that for Ramneek.

You're not going anywhere until your room is clean.

I will join it!

Why don't you ask for a pay raise?

I'm sure you understand why we can't do that.

I'd like you to try one of these cookies.

You should have known better.

They said I could leave.

I would like to write a book about Cyprus.

It's an omen.

If even she can't get a perfect score on the exam, then how will you be able to?

He beguiled me into accepting it.

At what time did you hear the gunshot?


She will not approve.

I know everything I need to know.

I've known Matthias since 2013.


You're forgetting her.

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Why would you think something was wrong?


The Toronto International Film Festival is the largest film festival in North America.

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You never told me that before.

I think we should get out here.

Just do what you can.

Randell doesn't feel like eating.

My sat nav doesn't work abroad.


Don't eat to excess.

Where did you buy it?

We have to tell someone.

Don't mock me.

I guess you think you're pretty special, don't you?


Randy must have been at home at that time.


Give me the key to this lock!

Go to your room.

My parents made me practice the piano every day.


You don't need to do anything you don't want to.

What exactly are you trying to prove?

The sick boy is growing stronger each day.


With both song and dance, the performers put on an excellent show.

Jeanette was worried that he might be late.

He's always laughing and having fun.

He defies the present government which is no less oppressive than its predecessor.

Despite the fact they set their heart on convincing him, he maintained his opposition to the project.

The scent of flowers filled our home.

I'd love to be able to find more time that I could spend relaxing.


What's your favorite season?

I do not like tea, so I generally drink coffee for breakfast.

Elric chose to quit.

Dr. Jackson has a good bedside manner.

Nobody saw anything.

She seems to have known the truth of the matter.

We still have so much work to do.


What else is there to do?

I can't reach him.

The students must not enter the teachers' room this week.

They hit the mark three times.

Let's stop by the post office.


The tree was so happy she could hardly speak.

I will look it up on Google.

I've got a flashlight in the glove compartment.

I don't like square dancing.

Put me through to the boss, please.

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The baby is growing up.


The teacher caught the student cheating on the examination.


Terry asked me to come over.

You and I are men.

Hey, have you ever seen a guy's privates before?

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One who longs for death is miserable, but more miserable is he who fears it.

The girl in the picture is wearing a crown not of gold but of flowers.

I want the absolute truth.

We get one hour for lunch.

I have a friend who lives in Boston.

I told her I hated her.

All racists are hypocrites.

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The report was put together from data collected by the Center for Disease Control.

Can I do it myself?

The problem quoted isn't one, but there are problems in the reading section that ask you to distinguish relative pronouns from relative adverbs.

I speak some English, but unfortunately I don't understand much.

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

I accept his proposal.

The sun rose above the horizon.

The fire is dying down.

It is marvellous.

Mountain of happiness.

He can't run very fast.

You seem to know this book very well; you use a lot of quotations from it.

Put the kid into these clothes.

You'll have to talk to her.

There once was a tiny sprite, much loved by children. She would frolic with the birds and the beasts in the forest, and sing songs, or play her flute; sometimes, she would visit the village, where the humans lived, and cavort with her favorite boys and girls.

He did his best to the last.

He shares a room with his brother.

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Please put down your name in this book.